3DS the new Nokia 3310?

So today I thought I’d perform an accidental drop test on my brand new 3DS console. My place has four floors and my console fell down the middle of the stair case all the way from the top to the bottom, and I’m guess its an easy 15 onto solid concrete.


“The Fall, straight down the middle to the bottom”

As soon as I realised it had left my hand, i just watched in slow motion as it fell, picking up pace as it flew past my wife, and after what felt like an eternity the familiar sound of solid contact.

Annoyed at myself for breaking something so new in such a stupid way I raced down to access the damage. I expected to find a 3DS split in half, screen smashed everywhere, plastic spread like shrapnel around the room. But to my surprise I walked down to be greeted to just the top cover (which is removable anytime) sitting next to the console, and my copy of Smash Bros had ejected out. The console was still in sleep mode and asked me to insert the SD card which just required to be taken out and put back in.

The 3DS internally is fine, works exactly the same, the only real damage is surprisingly just a few scuffs, cosmetic damage, beautiful.

I’ve read before that Nintendo drops all their devices to ensure they survive a good drop but I would never expect anything to have survive a plummet like that. Hell if I dropped my iPhone I can absolutely guarantee, even with its protective screen and case it would be destroyed.

This just goes to show that Nintendo still make a great quality piece, which is not only Child proof, but evidently dropping from an airplane proof as well.

3DS the new Nokia 3310?

Nintendo on top?

Over the last few weeks I’ve seen numerous stories displaying how well Nintendo has been doing lately. I’ve seen an increase in the amount of talk about the WiiU and even more about Nintendo’s most recent money maker, the Amiibo figurines.

These things are selling, no doubt about it. And it appears that it isn’t even for the intended use in gaming, so what are people buying them for? Purely for collection, to sit on the shelf and look pretty. As we all know collectors will pay hefty prices to get that last figure for the collection. I guarantee that there wouldn’t be many who have a completed collection as the demand and the supplied amount for these figures is limited.
Is Nintendo creating the age old strategy of
“demand>supply”? Or is it just another instance of not expecting the figures to take off so well?

I’ve seen this again with the limited edition Majora’s Mask 3DS, everybody wanted one. Hell I wanted one and I’ve got a 3ds, 3ds XL, 2ds and a New 3DS. The appeal of owning Nintendo collectibles is just too strong and here’s why.

They will hold their value, purely for the nostalgic feeling. I’ve kept my NES and Nintendo 64 just because I spent so long playing them, my parents still have all my game boys and games in my old room. They take me back to childhood playing with my brothers and friends.
And this is the reason why Nintendo is loved, the characters are fun and impossible to forget. It helps also when your 1st party games are on top whenever their released, just look at the success of Majora’s Mask and Monster Hunter this week.

I really do hope sales like these continue because I’m not ready to see Nintendo go just yet.

Nintendo on top?

The replay value of games

The early years of gaming in my childhood consisted of countless completions of Donkey Kong 64, Konker’s Bad Fur Day, Legend of Zelda: OoT and Golden Eye. I didn’t have many games but back then it didn’t seem to matter, I just remember the games had so much to do, exploring every nook and cranny to find something you and your friends hadn’t discovered yet. These days it just feels as if games have a max of 2-3 play throughs, if that.

I’ll admit when I still had my Xbox One account I was a bit of an “ achievement whore”, tallying up over 100,000 on the accounts I had accumulated over the years, and once I finished a game 100% I wouldn’t give it a second look, why would I need too? I had collected all the points I could earn, I had collected every point of intel, every poster had been burned, all outposts captured etc etc. In saying this that is just single player, the addition of multiplayer to almost every game these days really changes the dynamic to video games and what constitutes completing a game. I know people online who say you haven’t finished a game until you finish the multiplayer aspect also.

This multiplayer aspect is what could be the difference between the content offered between games of old and today, there seems to be more emphasis on the multiplayer which is fine for a majority of games but there are some single player games that I think should cut out any form of multiplayer as they don’t really need it, which would allow for the team/ developers to focus on the story, hidden secrets and bonus missions for example.

Sure if you haven’t played a great game for a lengthy period you may want to pick it up and give it a run, but a majority of the time I’ll find myself straight down to the local electronics dealer buying the newest game. Now this is where this discussion could be seen as the pivotal point between my childhood and adulthood, the ability to spend money.

I would be lucky to get 2 games a year as a 10 year old, whereas being an adult I can comfortably afford to spend $100 a week on a new game, hell I can even complete it, return it within 7 days and exchange it for another if I desire.

People will say that expansion and DLC keep a game fresh, but today with expansions announced before a game is even released (EA I’m looking at you) I feel robbed, include that content in the game. I love DLC that is released months or years after a game was initially released as I will load the game back up and be happy to purchase it if it promises a good amount of gameplay. Dead Rising 3 was good for this, adding numerous side stories of different characters which kept the game fresh after finishing.

Companies have a habit of releasing a game yearly now, shooting games in general will do this regularly, where others will deposit large amounts of money to produce a polished game, with content that’ll keep even the most avid players interested for years.

When all has been said and done though if you love a game you will play it again, and who knows, you might just find a new secret on top of that mountain in the distance.

The replay value of games

Sorry I’m what?

32 years of age is the average age for Gamers apparently.

I’m sorry but I can’t believe this statistic, purely because 26% of Gamers are over the age of 50. How many 50 year olds do you know playing round after round of Battlefield, headset on, yelling profanities about who slept with whose Mother. Where do they find these people? I’ve never come across them in all my years of gaming online or online forums, “so where are they?” I asked myself.

And then it hit me, mobile gaming.

Looking further into it various articles counted app games and the people who play them regularly as gamers. How do we decide whom to classify as a gamer? Is there a Government body who creates these parameters? What is classified as a game these days?

This is where the line is blurred. The guy who plays WoW for 16 hours a day is considered the same as a 42 year old woman who loads up Candy Crush once a day, or is it the bloke who works at McDonalds, loading up Clash of Clans when he’s on the toilet.

Is it the people on Facebook sending me continuous invitations to play the newest craze game, or the woman still farming on Farmville religiously after all these years?

It’s like calling a man who walks his dog once a day an athlete, it’s just not the same, and frankly it needs to stop.It appears that only the proper gamers (if I can say that, but who are the “proper”?) refer to themselves as the “Gamers” and I guess that’s as good as we’ll get for now.

Thanks for the read guys

Sorry I’m what?

First, but certainly not last.

The first post on a blog for me, ever.

I guess I should explain as to why I’m starting now, not that it’s an exciting story.
I was heavily into Nintendo just a few years ago, owning both a WiiU and a 2DS (2DS I still own) but alas the lack of WiiU games got the better of me and I traded it in for an Xbox One.

How I loathed that Xbox, there was no effort in the games, I missed the charm and design of Nintendo, so I sold the Xbox and am proud to say tomorrow I’m heading down to My local EB Games to buy the new 3DS.

A review of the new device, along with a comparison against the 2DS will be up tomorrow,


First, but certainly not last.