3DS the new Nokia 3310?

So today I thought I’d perform an accidental drop test on my brand new 3DS console. My place has four floors and my console fell down the middle of the stair case all the way from the top to the bottom, and I’m guess its an easy 15 onto solid concrete.


“The Fall, straight down the middle to the bottom”

As soon as I realised it had left my hand, i just watched in slow motion as it fell, picking up pace as it flew past my wife, and after what felt like an eternity the familiar sound of solid contact.

Annoyed at myself for breaking something so new in such a stupid way I raced down to access the damage. I expected to find a 3DS split in half, screen smashed everywhere, plastic spread like shrapnel around the room. But to my surprise I walked down to be greeted to just the top cover (which is removable anytime) sitting next to the console, and my copy of Smash Bros had ejected out. The console was still in sleep mode and asked me to insert the SD card which just required to be taken out and put back in.

The 3DS internally is fine, works exactly the same, the only real damage is surprisingly just a few scuffs, cosmetic damage, beautiful.

I’ve read before that Nintendo drops all their devices to ensure they survive a good drop but I would never expect anything to have survive a plummet like that. Hell if I dropped my iPhone I can absolutely guarantee, even with its protective screen and case it would be destroyed.

This just goes to show that Nintendo still make a great quality piece, which is not only Child proof, but evidently dropping from an airplane proof as well.

3DS the new Nokia 3310?

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