The New 3DS First Impressions


Checking my phone I had less than 20 minutes to get to my local EB Games (same as Game Stop to you American’s) and the thought of not being able to get a 3DS today was worrying me.

My wife offered to pick me up from the train station, but I told her to get to EB Games and ask for the New 3DS in white.

Thankfully, I also remembered to tell her to buy a charger because Nintendo has decided not to supply one with this edition oddly. Although in Nintendo’s defense the box does actually scream “BUY A CHARGER!” and for the price of $15 I didn’t feel too ripped off, in saying this I would hate to see the disappointment on a young child’s face opening it up on his/her birthday to discover that they will have to wait until the charger is bought.

IMG_0439Another point on the packaging was the emphasis on colour and style plates on Nintendo’s behalf, the box was fun to look at and gave a good idea of the interchangeable plates you can purchase separately. Opening the box I found that the packaging was well protected with the 3DS tucked into a foam envelope of sorts. The usual manual guide and the AR CARDS are still present which is a really nice touch.

The 3DS itself requires you to pop on the top plate the first time you pick it up which is a breeze, just a simple lining up of two teeth into two holes on the console and clicking the other end down. What i found best about this though is how Nintendo have worked around hiding the text that use to grace the bottom of all there devices, just put them on the top so that the plate covers it, very nice


When I first opened the console I was taken aback by the vibrant colours of the A,B,X and Y. Everything just seems to be so much more organised that my previous 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS. The home button is now much more comfortable to use compared to the 3DS and the 2DS. The volume location has changed to the upper screen, the game slot is now at the front bottom panel and the power button is now a small power button instead of the slide seen on the 2DS.

I found the new styles to be a little painful to use, measuring around 25% shorter than my 2DS stylus, which is harder for me to use, having bigger hands and all. Not only was the styles uncomfortable but the C stick was as well, although I might just have to get use to it. the new LZ and RZ buttons feel comfortable enough.

Powering on and going through the settings they quickly bring to your attention the new head tracking 3D new to this 3DS. Booting up the main screen its evident the device is actually noticeably quicker, it also draws attention to the new feature of setting a screen theme, though only basic colours are available such as red, blue, yellow, pink and black. The addition of the “Theme Shop” to purchase new themes. Expecting around 50c to $1 I was surprised to find that for most themes the cost was $2.60. I believe that Nintendo could offer an amazing chance by letting people use their Nintendo Club redemption points to purchase some of these themes.

The screen brightness is noticeably better, with better auto correcting and straight out brightness.

First impression wise, I believe this to be the best, most fun and most customizable 3DS to date and would recommend it to anybody wanting to get one. A comparison write up with be published tomorrow between the new 3DS and my 2DS just to give people a chance to see if the cheaper 2DS is better suited for them.

Thanks for reading!


The New 3DS First Impressions

One thought on “The New 3DS First Impressions

  1. Awesome review! The changeable front plate mechanics is a really neat idea. I wonder how well that will take off and how many designs they’ll make available other than the ones that yours came packaged with. This was a great post and I can’t wait to read your next article! If you would ever want to write for Gamespresso, let me know! We’re looking for another writer and you’ve definitely gt the talent. Or we could set up some sort of freelance deal as well. If ever interested, just get in touch with me through Gamespresso’s contact form.


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