A Response to an Apparent Death of Nintendo

Browsing YouTube today bought up a video suggestion for me which had a ridiculous title.

“Attention You Pathetic Nintendo Fan boys- I Was Right All Along” on the channel “BlackBond”

In this video of contradictive, copy paste speech over some average gameplay of Titan Fall we hear a man discuss just how over years he was right all along. Reading the comments revealed that he had claimed earlier the WiiU was the console to get, and how great Nintendo was. Jump forward a couple of years and he’s jumped ship, creating click bait videos that honestly was quite a boring video to watch.

I will be discussing some of the points he raised and leaving the comment section open to opinion.

“Where is Nintendo right now?”

Well frankly, Nintendo is doing incredible right now, they are back on the climb thanks to Amiibo sales, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8 and a plethora of new exciting games to be released soon. Not to mention the New 3DS consoles, Majora’s Mask and Monster Hunter 4.

All I’ve seen on my Facebook feed is people posting how much fun they are having playing retro games (I do stretch the word retro there) and teaming up with friends on Monster Hunter. I see people posting on EB and GameStop pages asking when Amiibo and Limited edition Zelda 3DS consoles will be back in stock.

He goes on further to tell us that Nintendo fans need to demand better which is just ridiculous, Nintendo never ever ever releases a product that isn’t flawless. When was the last time someone found a game crashing bug like every game that seems to come out these days? What was that? You can’t remember? Look at Battlefield 3 and 4, bugs galore, still being fixed, Destiny was plagued with problems, was promised to be one of the biggest games ever, yet was so terrible. EA Games, Blizzard, Bungie, and more can’t make a polished game to save their lives.

BlackBond claims further that Nintendo has never done good business with 3RD party companies? Since when? N64 was full of 3RD party games, hell even the GameCube was, the only reason people think this is because the Game Cube never took off in Western Society. Also, why would they need to deal with 3RD party companies when they achieved the best-selling console of all time with hardly any 3RD party help, I’m talking about the Wii here folks.

Not to mention all the merchandise sales, god knows what sort of money is being generated from that section.

BlackBond claims Nintendo messed up staying with the use of game cartridges. Really?

In case you were unaware, cartridges are much quicker at loading times, they are much much more silent than a disk spinning faster and slower constantly, not to mention all the room saved when not using a disk drive.

This was my favourite point from him. He claimed Nintendo has fallen because people didn’t demand better of Nintendo. This is the most contradictive statement ever, you can’t blame the Nintendo fans for this, the blame falls on the users who jumped ship (like BlackBond himself), how are they supposed to sell consoles and games if people leave when things start to look a little rough.

BlackBond also claims that Nintendo supports the Hand Console more??? Well of course they do, that is their biggest market, why wouldn’t they support where the majority of their user base is? It’s like saying a game development company is terrible because they support the development of games for PC rather than Mac. BlackBond you are a bloody dumb arse.

He continues on further to say “you have to buy 2 consoles to play all games”. It’s the same Vice- versa you idiot, how are you supposed to play all games with just one console? “I really want to play Halo but I only have my PlayStation”, oh the PlayStation must be a terrible console. Not everyone feels the need to get every game. He even made a point in saying the Wii U doesn’t have Call of Duty, oh no….

Nintendo has released the most memorable, fun games that can stand the test of time and will continue to do so for much longer. Sure the WiiU is struggling now, but it’s picked up in recent times and I can’t wait to see what they do with it next.

Link to the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qj9ASV-9VF0

A Response to an Apparent Death of Nintendo

3DS the new Nokia 3310?

So today I thought I’d perform an accidental drop test on my brand new 3DS console. My place has four floors and my console fell down the middle of the stair case all the way from the top to the bottom, and I’m guess its an easy 15 onto solid concrete.


“The Fall, straight down the middle to the bottom”

As soon as I realised it had left my hand, i just watched in slow motion as it fell, picking up pace as it flew past my wife, and after what felt like an eternity the familiar sound of solid contact.

Annoyed at myself for breaking something so new in such a stupid way I raced down to access the damage. I expected to find a 3DS split in half, screen smashed everywhere, plastic spread like shrapnel around the room. But to my surprise I walked down to be greeted to just the top cover (which is removable anytime) sitting next to the console, and my copy of Smash Bros had ejected out. The console was still in sleep mode and asked me to insert the SD card which just required to be taken out and put back in.

The 3DS internally is fine, works exactly the same, the only real damage is surprisingly just a few scuffs, cosmetic damage, beautiful.

I’ve read before that Nintendo drops all their devices to ensure they survive a good drop but I would never expect anything to have survive a plummet like that. Hell if I dropped my iPhone I can absolutely guarantee, even with its protective screen and case it would be destroyed.

This just goes to show that Nintendo still make a great quality piece, which is not only Child proof, but evidently dropping from an airplane proof as well.

3DS the new Nokia 3310?

Nintendo on top?

Over the last few weeks I’ve seen numerous stories displaying how well Nintendo has been doing lately. I’ve seen an increase in the amount of talk about the WiiU and even more about Nintendo’s most recent money maker, the Amiibo figurines.

These things are selling, no doubt about it. And it appears that it isn’t even for the intended use in gaming, so what are people buying them for? Purely for collection, to sit on the shelf and look pretty. As we all know collectors will pay hefty prices to get that last figure for the collection. I guarantee that there wouldn’t be many who have a completed collection as the demand and the supplied amount for these figures is limited.
Is Nintendo creating the age old strategy of
“demand>supply”? Or is it just another instance of not expecting the figures to take off so well?

I’ve seen this again with the limited edition Majora’s Mask 3DS, everybody wanted one. Hell I wanted one and I’ve got a 3ds, 3ds XL, 2ds and a New 3DS. The appeal of owning Nintendo collectibles is just too strong and here’s why.

They will hold their value, purely for the nostalgic feeling. I’ve kept my NES and Nintendo 64 just because I spent so long playing them, my parents still have all my game boys and games in my old room. They take me back to childhood playing with my brothers and friends.
And this is the reason why Nintendo is loved, the characters are fun and impossible to forget. It helps also when your 1st party games are on top whenever their released, just look at the success of Majora’s Mask and Monster Hunter this week.

I really do hope sales like these continue because I’m not ready to see Nintendo go just yet.

Nintendo on top?

The New 3DS: One Week On

One week of ownership after purchase and I’m still finding that I enjoy the new 3DS even more everyday. Before purchase I didn’t know what the advantage of owning this version of the 3DS range was over the older 2011 model, but now I don’t think I could ever go back, and this article is where I’ll discuss why.

After owning the original 3DS, 2DS and 3DS XL I was familiar with what the 3DS could achieve, what I didn’t expect though was how blown away I’d be by the new edition. A few negatives I had about the 3DS over the years had all left my mind the first time I started up the newest 3DS.

3D View: The 3D has been vastly improved upon, with the camera actually doing very well to track where the 3DS was in proportion to my sight. Achieved via the use of the inner camera I found it always matching my head movements, even when walking around (although it can’t correct distances) that it would try to get me that sweet spot that looks oh so impressive.

Button Layout: The start and select next to the home button on the bottom screen has been placed in a more logical, comfortable, Nintendo nostalgic position to where your right thumb can reach them comfortably now. Sitting just underneath the A, B, X, Y buttons the buttons seem much easier to hit when you can’t look away from the game your playing. I haven’t had need yet to use the C stick, and can’t imagine I will for a while, and in my opinion isn’t the most comfortable nor useful addition to the 3DS. The LZ and RZ buttons are a similar issue but they are positioned well on the shoulders and are easy enough to push in and reach even with my medium sized hands.
I also found the new location of the volume slider to be nice, mirroring the location of the 3D slider, making it easier to access at times. Although sound doesn’t really seem to change until about 40% movement above mute which is a little odd, a little more even spacing of the sound function would have been nice.

Wi-Fi Speed: Testing against my 2DS the new 3DS blitzed the older device, downloading the newest pokemon update it was easily noticeable and play Super Smash Bros online is now slightly more enjoyable with a more constant faster connection.

New Hardware: Playing Super Smash Bros I noticed it runs a little smoother, with what appeared to be a more constant frame rate, Pokemon on the other hand still suffers from the drop of frame rate during battles which I thought Nintendo and Game Freak would of patched by now.

Auto- Brightness: What a great feature, it does well to match the lighting condition no matter where I am in the house, save for in direct sunlight, but I wouldn’t expect the screen to ever produce enough light for that.

Face Plates: Another great feature, although at current I’m still using my white faceplate that came with the console I will purchase a new one when I next see them. With something like over 40 different types there is sure to be a design for everybody.

That for now is what I’ve taken notice of after the first week and I might yet post up after two weeks what else I’ve found to be impressive.

The New 3DS: One Week On

Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty.

It’s everywhere these days and I’m the first to admit that I myself am partial to it, and I suppose in this day and age it pays to as everything can connect with each other in one way or another.

Take for example when I was a Microsoft fanatic, everything just had to be Microsoft, my computer Windows, consoles (Xbox 360 and Xbox One) had to be Microsoft, hell I even had two Windows Phones, because I just had to be able to earn Gamer score when I was away from my TV.  Everything was just so much more simple, One Drive really did make life wonderful, I could sync all my photos and videos up, even my documents. This is all incredible of course until I started to notice Microsoft lacked in one spot, the Xbox.

Why do I believe the Xbox was lacking? Well it’s not the actual Xbox itself (although I was a little disappointed with the Xbox One) but rather the Windows Phone and Xbox integration which really annoyed me. I bought my Windows Phone after converting from IPhone 4 and being informed that Windows Phone will be the only one to feature any sort of Xbox integration. What a load of shit.

Sure you can play Xbox live arcade games on the phone, but that is the only thing that sets it apart from Android and iOS. In fact, the same Xbox live App on my IPad and IPhone 6 actually work better than what they did on the Windows Phones (yes plural, I had a Lumia 820 and the 1520). The app is better laid out on iOS, loads quicker, crashes less, and has more updates. I don’t understand why Microsoft does this to their loyal Windows Phone users, whom might I add are a dying breed.

I understand that they have other customers as well but seriously? Why sell the phone as this integration device when you support other devices over your own?

It’s safe to say I won’t be going Microsoft for a while, I renewed my phone contract and went with the iPhone 6, which is incredible, it made me think as to why I left Apple in the first place. The first time I saw the iPhone 4 it was the sexiest phone I had ever seen, and everything just seemed to work flawlessly. So now I’ve decided to jump the Windows Wagon and spread my Brand loyalty elsewhere, to Apple.

I sold my custom gaming PC, my Xbox One and soon my Xbox 360, and will be purchasing a Mac Book of some description.

But hang on, what about gaming wise? Back to Nintendo for me, the only Company I can think of who has never screwed the pooch. I regretfully admit that while I loved my WiiU I thought I would love an Xbox One more and traded it in towards one. I kick myself everyday over that decision, and I’ve missed some great title launches because of it. Not to worry though as soon I will be the owner of one again and will buy the titles I missed out on, and will enjoy them all until the next Nintendo product is launched.

Brand Loyalty

The replay value of games

The early years of gaming in my childhood consisted of countless completions of Donkey Kong 64, Konker’s Bad Fur Day, Legend of Zelda: OoT and Golden Eye. I didn’t have many games but back then it didn’t seem to matter, I just remember the games had so much to do, exploring every nook and cranny to find something you and your friends hadn’t discovered yet. These days it just feels as if games have a max of 2-3 play throughs, if that.

I’ll admit when I still had my Xbox One account I was a bit of an “ achievement whore”, tallying up over 100,000 on the accounts I had accumulated over the years, and once I finished a game 100% I wouldn’t give it a second look, why would I need too? I had collected all the points I could earn, I had collected every point of intel, every poster had been burned, all outposts captured etc etc. In saying this that is just single player, the addition of multiplayer to almost every game these days really changes the dynamic to video games and what constitutes completing a game. I know people online who say you haven’t finished a game until you finish the multiplayer aspect also.

This multiplayer aspect is what could be the difference between the content offered between games of old and today, there seems to be more emphasis on the multiplayer which is fine for a majority of games but there are some single player games that I think should cut out any form of multiplayer as they don’t really need it, which would allow for the team/ developers to focus on the story, hidden secrets and bonus missions for example.

Sure if you haven’t played a great game for a lengthy period you may want to pick it up and give it a run, but a majority of the time I’ll find myself straight down to the local electronics dealer buying the newest game. Now this is where this discussion could be seen as the pivotal point between my childhood and adulthood, the ability to spend money.

I would be lucky to get 2 games a year as a 10 year old, whereas being an adult I can comfortably afford to spend $100 a week on a new game, hell I can even complete it, return it within 7 days and exchange it for another if I desire.

People will say that expansion and DLC keep a game fresh, but today with expansions announced before a game is even released (EA I’m looking at you) I feel robbed, include that content in the game. I love DLC that is released months or years after a game was initially released as I will load the game back up and be happy to purchase it if it promises a good amount of gameplay. Dead Rising 3 was good for this, adding numerous side stories of different characters which kept the game fresh after finishing.

Companies have a habit of releasing a game yearly now, shooting games in general will do this regularly, where others will deposit large amounts of money to produce a polished game, with content that’ll keep even the most avid players interested for years.

When all has been said and done though if you love a game you will play it again, and who knows, you might just find a new secret on top of that mountain in the distance.

The replay value of games